Example Organizational Objective #1 – Introduction and Background


Improve TIM performance for freeway incidents.

The objectives of this example are to illustrate:

  • Use of the ICT performance measure.
  • Application of the model TIM performance measurement database to analyze ICT for all freeway incidents.
  • How to drill down into the data for a more fine-tuned analysis of ICT for freeway incidents by incident severity and injury severity.
  • Importance of considering various ICT performance measures, including average, median, minimum, and maximum, as well as distributions of ICTs.
  • Selection of performance targets for ICT overall and for different incident characteristics, including incident severity and injury severity.
  • Visualization and interpretation of data.

The TIM partners in the Northville region have been charged with improving TIM performance specific to freeway incidents. There has been a string of recent freeway incidents that have caused major back-ups that resulted in long delays for travelers. Fortunately, the Northville TIM partners recently began loading incident information into a TIM performance measurement database, and they decide it is time to begin examining the data to better understand their current levels of performance.