Background on Focus State Initiative

To provide consistency in TIM performance measures and establish a national convention, in 2005, FHWA initiated the TIM Performance Measure Focus State Initiative (FSI) (3). Through a series of workshops held with the 11 participating states (California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin), a series of 29 candidate measures were developed with standard definitions. Participants identified State Action Plans to guide implementation of the measures. At the conclusion of the FSI, participants selected three TIM performance measures (from here referred to as the three “national TIM performance measures”):

  • Roadway clearance time (RCT).
  • Incident clearance time (ICT).
  • Secondary incidents.

FHWA has subsequently focused on these measures and has developed consistency in complementary resources, such as at the TIM Handbook (6) and the TIM Program Self-Assessment (7), which refer to the same measures.
Click here for example TIM performance measures in Florida.