Example Incident Data Entry Interface (Las Vegas FAST TMC)

An example of an actual incident entry screen used by the Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) traffic management center in Las Vegas, Nevada is shown in the first figure below. While there are some differences, the incident data elements recorded by FAST operators are very similar to the data elements in the model TIM performance measurement database presented in this guidance – incident time stamp, incident type, corridor/roadway ID, location, lanes blocked, number of lanes, severity, lane cleared, truck involved, secondary incident. The second figure below shows the details in the pull-down menus for “incident type,” “which lanes blocked,” and “severity” (look-up tables in the FAST database). It can be seen from these pull-down menus that the definitions used by FAST differ somewhat than the definitions used in the model TIM performance measurement database in this guidance; however, it is easy to see how the definitions could be mapped and/or easily modified for consistent definitions or comparison purposes.

FAST Incident Entry Screen

Example Incident Entry Screen from FAST (Used with permission.)

FAST Pull Down Menu OptionsPull-Down Menu Options for Incident Entry – Las Vegas FAST (Used with permission.)