Example Organizational Objective #1 – Selection of Performance Measures and Target Setting

With an objective to improve TIM performance for freeway incidents, the Northville TIM partners need to select one or more performance measures and associated performance targets. They decide to start with ICT as a performance measure. While there are a number of ways in which ICT could be expressed, the partners choose to use the average ICT as a starting point. Unsure of a realistic target value (and without data to indicate previous performance), they look to what other states and regions have used in terms of performance measures and targets. They find a range of different target values, several of which are shown in the table below.

Based on these examples, the Northville TIM partners select an initial target of 60 minutes for average ICT for all freeway incidents. The table below summarizes the objective, performance measure, and performance target.

Example Target Performance Goals Used by States/Regions

State/Region Performance Measure Target
MPO 1 “Clearance of incidents with significant impact on roadways” Average ICT = 90 min
State 1 “Clearance time for incidents on urban freeways” Average ICT = 35 min
City 1 “Clearing highway traffic incidents” Less than 90 min


Organizational Objective 1 – Performance Measures and Target Performance

Organizational Objective Performance Measures Target
Reduce incident clearance time for freeway incidents. average ICT 60 min