Example Organizational Objective #4 – Introduction and Background


Reduce secondary crashes throughout the region.

The objectives of this example are to illustrate:

  • Use of the secondary crash performance measure.
  • Application of the model TIM performance measurement database to analyze secondary crashes for all freeway incidents.
  • How to drill down into the data for a more fine-tuned analysis of secondary crashes for freeway incidents by time of day and location.
  • Selection of performance targets for secondary crashes.
  • Visualization and interpretation of data.

Due to what seems to be a growing number of crashes occurring secondary to other incidents, the Northville TIM partners have set an organization objective to reduce secondary crashes throughout the region. In order to do so, they have begun recording information on whether an incident occurs within the time of detection of another incident and within either the original incident scene or queue in either direction of travel. This information, which is entered by either TMC operators or identified by responders at the incident scene, is a data element in the TIM performance measurement database and can be used for analysis purposes.