Methods of Presenting Data – FDOT

The figure below shows the first page of the Florida DOT District 4 Performance Measures Report from September 8 to September 14, 2013. These performance measures reports are made publically available on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis (22). While the full length of the report contains significant detail, the beginning pages are highly graphical, with little text. As seen in the figure, FDOT provides a summary of the average weekly TIM performance for each step in the incident timeline, from incident verification time to incident clearance time. This information is presented both in tabular form and in graphical form (bar chart). FDOT also specifically reports two of the three national TIM performance measures (RCT and ICT) in terms of overall weekly averages. The current week’s performance is compared to the previous week’s performance, as well as to the overall 52-week performance. The public and/or administration can utilize these reports to get a broad overview of TIM activities and the current level of performance.

Florida DOT Report Florida DOT District 4 Performance Measures Report

"Internal Presentation and Use of TIM Performance Measures