Agency Case Studies

As part of the NCHRP 07-20 project, Guidance for Implementation of TIM Performance Measurement, and in support of FHWA efforts toward the national institutionalization of TIM performance measurement, two sets of telephone interviews were conducted with agencies engaged in TIM activities. The information from the first set of interviews is integrated within the NCHRP 07-20 Guidance document. The information from both sets of interviews served as a key input to create TIM program case studies.

The case studies encompassed a range of TIM capabilities and program maturity, with some at the start of performance measurement and others that have institutionalized TIM program assessment. The case studies focus on four core areas:

  • TIM program description,
  • Data collection and management practices,
  • Performance analysis and reporting practices, and
  • Notable benefits from TIM performance measurement.

These case studies provide agencies a viewpoint of peer TIM performance measurement practices and strategies to institutionalize TIM performance measurement, and they can be accessed using the links below.